The panacea to your digital quandary

You've got a technical challenge with anything connected to the web and you want to simply get is sorted. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just hand this problem to someone else to reliably sort it for you?

That's where Synatrix steps in...

We work with you to clearly comprehend your challenge and how it can best be resolved effectively. We then execute your approved plan and fully manage the solution delivery.

Unlike most IT companies; we specialise in online services and everything associated with them. We've included a very small selection of areas we tackle below. However, our key strength is in resolving any online issue you might have.

Get in touch and share your challenge with us. We love to help.

Highly configurable solutions

We pride ourselves on providing flexible & configurable solutions that perfectly match your needs. From Content Management to switches & routers - we've got you covered!

Mobile First Implementation

Everything crafted by Synatrix for the web uses a "mobile-first" approach. This allows your business to reach the maximum audience in a consistent and reliable format.

Modern Flexible Design

Want us to create a new design, or perhaps you have an existing design and brand in place. Synatrix can provide and implement designs in isolation or work collaboratively with your designers.

Clean & Modular Code

We write clean, clear and annotated code. For us, it's paramount that the solutions we produce run as effectively as the coding gods allow. We run strict testing, release and backup procedures that have been honed over decades.

Transactional data

Whether it's an e-commerce site or an API service - we ensure that your transactional requirements are always secure, robust and always highly available. We're experts in implementing transactional systems the right way.

Cloud or Traditional

We don't mind working in the cloud, on physical servers and everything in between. The myriad of available solutions are simply tools to help you succeed in your business aims. We'll never be shy in informing you "politely" if there's a better way.

Our mission statement

The client's business aims come first

We apreciate that it's the business that should lead the technology. We carefully look at the technical solutions to fulfil your requirements in the short, medium and long-term with a keen eye on cost-benefit.

Maximise the clients time and focus

You're busy and we get that. Let us help you with the options available to you, the specifcaiton and the testing. Let's face it - you've got more important things to get on with.

Provide quality deliverables that are on-point

We must ensure that everything that we deliver is of a high qaulity and is effective both now and in the future. We'll also ensure that we're not over-engineering anything and always meet your expectations.

Communication is key

We're extremely enthusastic about the technology but we'll ensuire that we only communicate what you need (or want) to hear and won't bore you with the details (unless you want to be that is). We'll keep you updated on progress and let you know (good or bad) what is happening and the options avialble to fulfil the deliverables.

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