Company Background

Company formation

Syantrix Ltd was incorporated in 2017 by David Mash after nearly two decades experience in creating and running multimillion turnover digital agencies. These successful agencies served many prestigious clients including Marks & Spencer, River Island, Tesco, SEKO Global Logistics and many more.

David realised that the online service provider landscape was evolving for UK-based digital agencies. With more diverse requirements and rapidly emerging technologies creating a serious headache for managers to handle.

The challenge was to quickly adapt to clients' needs with technical specialists that were perfectly suited to deliver quality deliverables but at the same time offer competitive pricing. The days of directly employing dozens of technical staff would no longer cut it. But how do you meet the client's needs without creating a huge mess of potentially uncoordinated and geographically disparate contractors?

Fully managed technical specialists

With over 20 years of running technical projects, we have cultivated a huge portfolio of service delivery specialists throughout the UK and internationally. We have identified and developed key relationships with providers and individuals to ensure that the client's deliverables are always carried out by the most appropriate specialist.

This keeps overheads low, agility high and our clients can always rest assured that the buck stops with us for time, delivery and costs. We pride ourselves on keeping our clients delighted by always delivering what's needed (even if we occasionally make a loss).

Project management & documentation

We fully manage your project from specification through to delivery and onto any associated aftercare and maintenance. We truly enjoy the specification stage and take great delight in ensuring that the project scope is clearly understood by all parties.

Let's face it; the paperwork can be a bit of a drag, but here at Synatrix we take pride in the level of project documentation we complete so that you don't have to. This also provides a fantastic way to trace back through the project history; allowing us to quickly pick up and evolve projects again should the opportunity present itself.

Security & Process

With a background heavily invested in security and e-commerce; Syantrix is no stranger to security and process management. Contracted talent and service providers always go through strict security and process management to ensure that the client's business, and data in particular, is always safeguarded.

With key members of the team only secured within the UK; Syantrix operates a multi-tiered security access system that ensures that technical specialists can only access the information they need to carry out their asigned tasks effectively. The client is always kept informed of any information sharing and all tasks are tracked through to completion with any related source-code or setup documentation held on file and provided to the client for their internal auditing requirements.

Synatrix has assisted numerous companies with GDPR compliance, PCI compliance and implementation of a variety of Information Security Policies. Utilising this in-depth compliance background; Synatrix has implemented a best-of-breed security process policy to which all contacted talent must adhere. Where service providers are utilised to fulfil a clients solution; the appropriate Data Processing Agreements will be arranged and fully managed to ensure that the client's data is always protected.